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Pete Michelinie

Wise, scrumptious, rhythm, soul, mat ball...



  In 4th grade students of The Bancroft Elementary School were given the opportunity to take private lessons under the strict teachings/regime of Mr. Alan Minkenin.  At the time I had a deep fascination for the band Nirvana.  When I learner the only instrument found in both concert band and in Nirvana was the drums I knew what I was destined to do.  In the years to come I would take lessons from Ben at The Music Place in North Reading.  After a year or so I got fed up.  I didn't want to turn this love of mine into a routine.  An emotional breakdown led to the dismissal of drumming from my life for a year.  I broke my only pair of sticks I had and swore to never pursue drumming again.  Shoot forward 2 years.  Back on the tracks again and I took lessons from Carrol at Phillips Academy for about a year.  Once again I came to a road block.  It was turning into a routine for me, and that's not what I wanted.  I pursued drumming on my own up until today where I now learn under the mighty hands of my teacher Andrew.

  Playing with Grimis has made drumming my favorite hobby and playing the drums has brought me more in life than I had ever imagined possible, and it's such an experience to be able to share with three of your best friends.  My most memorable Grimis moment would have to be the North Oxford show... a night that will live in my heart forever.  My favorite album of all time would have to be Weezer's blue album.


I just finished and highly enjoyed Jon Krakauers Into the Wild.  I am currently working on Fast Food Nation. Other books I have enjoyed include Robert Pirsigs Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maitenence, Herman Hesse's Siddhartha, and Jack Kerouacs The Dharma Bums.


Stuff I've been listening to lately includes:

  The Sea and Cake Oui

  Beck Midnite Vultures

  Sam Prekop Sam Prekop

  John McGlaughlin Extrapolation

  Nick Drake Pink Moon


**My drum set used to be much bigger.  Now I use a big tom as the bass drum.  I like the sound you get when you wail on a small drum set-much better feel/energy.  Also, it's easier to carry around.